Ethereum DeFi platform Centrifuge wants everyone to access liquidity via tokenized real-world assets

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The firm's thesis looks to empower individuals and businesses to unlock capital and finance real-world assets via an extensive, yet decentralized, finance pool.

Referring to DeFi, Centrifuge recognizes it's in the middle of a young ecosystem that is "Ready to prove itself in the finance world." The firm's building a framework that allows lending against real-world assets, which in turn, allows businesses around the world to tap into new capital.

Today, Centrifuge unlocks trillions of real-world value in DeFi with our Decentralized Asset Financing Protocol.

Centrifuge notes the "Investor side" is set to be even more decentralized, as the two pools have applied on MakerDAO to be collateralized against MCD. In a release shared with CryptoSlate, the firm noted crypto-assets remain highly correlated, which causes instability with most DeFi systems.

The native "Centrifuge Chain" is used to originate individual nonfungible assets used as collateral for loans.

It's touted as the "Starting point for originating real-world assets," and a one-stop platform to deploy assets as "Non-fungible tokens" on-chain.

Using Centrifuge Chain and Tinlake, any business can now originate their real-world asset on-chain and access liquidity through Centrifuge.

Developers can build on top of Centrifuge Chain, and develop their own decentralized asset financing protocol with Tinlake.

DeFi systems like Centrifuge and Tinlake are forcing a move away from centralized financial systems, inflated fiat currencies, non-verifiable asset financing, and the ill-effects of trade wars.

Bringing real-world assets into DeFi provides the first step to DeFi to fulfilling this promise.