Auroracoin Airdrop: Will Iceland Embrace a National Digital Currency?

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Icelandic residents that enter their permanent resident ID on auroracoin's official website will receive 31.8 AUR. The fourth-place digital currency in terms of overall market cap, Auroracoin quickly rose to prominence amongst the myriad new digital currencies for its unique approach to community building.

In a detailed Airdrop blueprint section of the auroracoin website, there is a strategic plan in place to distribute the altcoin to Iceland's residents in stages.

Over the next four months, everyone in Iceland with valid permanent residency ID will be able to obtain 31.8 auroracoin.

Auroracoin is an intruiging effort to many, not in terms of technological innovation, but in how it could mark the beginning of a new precedent for digital currency dispersion and marketing.

Still, there is a powerful incentive for the country to embrace auroracoin.

A mix of annually high inflation numbers with anxiety about capital controls is the impetus for auroracoin as an alternative for Iceland's population.

For now, it's clear that the existing digital currency community has been the most receptive to auroracoin's message.

Whether because of speculation or the country's capital controls, the powers that be in Iceland are suspicious of auroracoin.

UK-based bitcoin buying and selling service Bittylicious has announced today that it will be bringing on auroracoin.

Auroracoin, in effect, will allow Icelanders to circumvent currency controls.