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Ethereum's top 10 DApps hit 1M users this month
Ethereum-powered decentralized applications, or DApps, have attracted more than one million active users over the last 30 days according to analytics platform DappRadar.
Bitcoin price hits $18K but traders expect 'shallow' pullback before new high
Just set another 2020 high by rallying above $18,000 for the first time in three years.
Institutions help drive rally as Bitcoin ETP volumes surge 50%
The Digital Asset Management Review found that aggregate exchange-traded products volumes have surged 53% over the past 30 days.
Not dead yet: Bitcoin Cash ABC up 70% as Sechet releases new client
Amaury Sechet's Bitcoin ABC coin is up 70% today as the developer announced a new upgrade for the client software that includes stability-related fixes for both forks of the Bitcoin Cash client.
Comptroller reveals path for crypto companies to become banks
Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks - soon to be confirmed in the role full time - has revealed another way for U.S. crypto custody providers to receive a charter to operate as a federally-approved bank.
Why Bitcoin's market cap just hit a new record high before the price did
Recent rally saw its market cap push above $330 billion for the first time ever as prices rallied above $17,750 late Nov. 17.
Aussie Bitconnect promoter faces prison following ASIC investigation
The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has charged the former Australian national representative of BitConnect for his involvement in the multi-billion-dollar crypto Ponzi scheme following an investigation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, or ASIC. According to a Nov. 17 statement from the ASIC, the commission - with assistance from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation - recommended charges against John Louis Anthony Bigatton for his role working for BitConnect from August 2017 through January 2018.
This Ethereum-based DeFi token is up 3,000% in the past week alone
It appears that "Aping" into new decentralized finance coins is back in vogue with Bitcoin pumping, Ethereum moving towards its summer highs, and money moving right down the DeFi risk curve.
Grayscale survey connects COVID-19 pandemic to new Bitcoin purchases
As Bitcoin price rises toward $18,000 and traders attempt to secure a new all-time high, the surge of institutional investors jumping on the Bitcoin.
Ray Dalio admits he 'might be missing something' about Bitcoin as it surges past $17K
In a Twitter thread posted on Tuesday, Dalio stated he believed that Bitcoin.
Why traders think a Bitcoin 'blow-off top' will occur above $18,000
Bitcoin price is steamrolling toward $18,000, and excited traders are calling for the top-ranked digital asset to overtake the 2017 all-time high at $19,763.
Bitcoin price blasts by $17.5K, but not all agree rally is sustainable
Second, Bitcoin has consistently recovered from areas where corrections were expected, such as on Nov. 16 when it hit $14,774 on Binance.
'Nakamoto Terminal' selected prize winner of CFTC's first science competition
A blockchain data platform has been selected the winner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's first science competition, offering yet another compelling sign that distributed ledger technology has burst onto the mainstream.
ConsenSys acquires Truffle Suite, the world's most used blockchain developer tools
ConsenSys, the largest Ethereum venture production studio, has acquired Truffle Suite, the company behind one of the most widely used blockchain developer tools.
Tencent Cloud joins forces with ShareRing to launch blockchain digital ID platform
Tencent Cloud is joining forces with blockchain company ShareRing to launch a new digital identification system to streamline international travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bitcoin has hit all-time highs against numerous world currencies
Is just a few thousand dollars away from its all-time high near $20,000 U.S. dollars.
Bitcoin "enters stratosphere" as massive OTC deals spark institutional demand
Bitcoin achieved its highest price since January 2018 across major exchanges, seeing a massive rally as over-the-counter deals grow.
Bitcoin up 375% since Peter Schiff accidentally called the exact bottom
Price bottomed at exactly the point that gold bug Peter Schiff said that it would crash further - and proponents are reminding him of his mistake.
Taxman gets the boot: Bitcoin Cash Node emerges as victor of hard fork
The Bitcoin Cash network just went through yet another fork after originally being created as a hard fork from the Bitcoin.
Hedera Hashgraph to be used for crowdsourced airstrike warning app in Syria
Sentry is an an app developed by Hala Systems that has been providing civilians with a crowdsourced and sensor-driven early warning system against airstrikes during the protracted civil war in Syria.
3 reasons Bitcoin price hit $17K, marking a new parabolic uptrend
Three factors likely contributed to the ongoing rally: a new parabolic trend, resilience above $16,000, and Bitcoin absorbing whales' selling pressure.
SEC brought 56 cases against crypto-related firms during Jay Clayton's tenure
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has brought 56 enforcement actions against initial coin offerings, blockchain and digital asset-related companies since July 2017.
No one is safe: Ethereum DeFi protocol by PayPal co-founder exploited for $7.5m
Today, an up-and-coming DeFi protocol built on Ethereum by prominent Silicon Valley developers such as Yu Pan, a founding member of PayPal and the earliest Youtube employee, was attacked with a flash loan.
Yearn.finance to buyback YFI from open market as YIP-54 passes
Finance, the decentralized credit lending, loans, swaps, and yield aggregation protocol, saw its latest proposal - the YIP-54 - passed by its community members on Sunday that allows the protocol to buyback YFI from the open market as part of its plan to "Formalize Operations Funding."
Former Bank of Japan exec says Japan will need years to issue digital yen
Hiromi Yamaoka, former head of the payment and settlement systems department at the Bank of Japan, said that the country will likely need several years before it can issue a central bank digital currency.
Bitcoin analyst gives 4 reasons why BTC price will hit $22,000 next
Analyst and the creator of Lookintobitcoin.com, laid out four reasons why BTC is headed to $22,000.
DeFi is here to stay despite signs of a bubble, says Binance CEO
Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, said that decentralized finance is here to stay despite many DeFi projects showing signs of being in a bubble.
Bitcoin price will hit $65K as network effect has 'taken over'
Will hit $65,000 due to a combination of low supply and "Tons of new buyers," major investor Mike Novogratz says.
Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital to launch new Bitcoin fund in Canada
Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency merchant bank founded by Mike Novogratz, is expanding its crypto offerings in Canada.