Binance Delists Trading Pairs, Some Include Tokens From Its Launchpad

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Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on Sept. 30 that it is removing a batch of thirty trading pairs from its listings.

Curiously, six of those trading pairs involve tokens launched on Binance Launchpad Initial Exchange Offering platform, namely BitTorrent, Elrond, Harmony and WINk.Full list of trading pairs removed.

Whilst not all of the trading pairs delisted include Binance Launchpad tokens, a significant 20% of them do.

Binance claimed that the pairs were being removed to "Improve liquidity and user trading experience," and that the choice of trading pairs was "As requested by most project teams."

With the removal of ERD/PAX, ERD/USDC, ONE/PAX and ONE/TUSD, both Elrond and Harmony were essentially delisted from the exchange entirely.

A quick search of the markets gives no results for any remaining trading pairs involving the two coins.

BitTorrent and WINk fare slightly better, as even with BTT/BTC and WIN/BTC being removed, both coins are still tradeable against Tron.

All of the other tokens maintain one trading pair with Ether.