Interconnecting Blockchain Project ICON Makes a Push Towards Decentralizing Its Nodes

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History of ICON. ICON aims to design an "Interconnecting blockchain network." ICON is engineering a solution to connect independent blockchains without the use of third-party intermediaries.

This is done by connecting a community to other communities through ICON Republic and Citizen Nodes.

Following the election, the ICON network will move into its first phase of decentralization with 22 elected community P-Reps.Understanding ICON Consensus.

The cryptocurrency plans to use participants called Community Representatives to act as liaisons for external blockchains that wish to connect to the ICON blockchain conglomerate.

Following network decentralization, ICON's goal is to establish a governance structure that mirrors a representative democracy, where ICON holders can delegate votes to candidates of their choice.

ICON also made a recent announcement of ICON LAP100, an ICON Loopchain Alliance Program, in an effort to develop "Enterprise-specialized blockchain solutions with companies and startups in various fields." The South Korean blockchain company has expressed on multiple occasions its drive for enterprise-level blockchain integrations.

According to ICON's yellow paper, a P-Rep should be a community member "Who has made a significant contribution to the ICON network" and who "Shall meet the minimum technical specifications necessary to generate blocks in the ICON network."

Producing a cohort of conscientious, engaged, and reliable block producers is a tall order for ICON.Applying to Become an ICON P-Rep. For those interested in participating, or simply learning more about the process, visit ICON's recently created community portal.

Those applying should be prepared to provide a proposal containing team member information, technical server specifications, and a pitch on how the team plans to "Enhance the ICON network." These details will be made publicly available through the community portal for all ICON members to access.

Since its inception, ICON has made progress as a blockchain project.