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Bitcoin futures and options suggest that a major BTC price move is looming
The term "Open interest" refers to the total sum of contracts that are actively open in the futures market.
$300M in Bitcoin Flow to Binance From Huobi as China Gets Tougher on Exchanges
Nov 13, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. UTC.As the Chinese government cracks down on several crypto exchanges catering to traders based in China, many of those customers - and their bitcoin - have been making their way to Binance over the past few days.
Stellar-based Akoin can now be used to pay for groceries and gas in Kenyan city
In its first step towards the futuristic Akon City, Akoin, the cryptocurrency business that is chaired by global artist Akon, can now be used to pay for goods and services in a west Kenyan city.
Payments Provider BitPay Rolls Out Cryptocurrency Payroll Service
Nov 13, 2020 at 9:05 a.m. UTCUpdated Nov 13, 2020 at 3:17 p.m. UTC.Payments provider BitPay has launched a new service enabling businesses to pay employees, contractors, customers and vendors en masse with cryptocurrency.
Cryptonites and CryptoSlate announce partnership to bring you a weekly dose of crypto video entertainment
CryptoSlate is excited to announce it will bring you exclusive coverage of crypto edutainment channel Cryptonites each week, thanks to a partnership with the impressive London-based video production team.
The Bitcoin price has only been higher than now for 12 days in its history
The Bitcoin price, which is currently sitting at $16,320, has only been at this level or higher for 12 days in the coin's entire 4,332-day history, representing just 0.28% of the cryptocurrency's life.
DeFi the odds: Total user numbers up 55% in just six weeks
While many decentralized finance tokens suffered heavy losses last month - prompting hastily written obituaries about the DeFi "Bubble" - metrics measuring user activity saw sustained sector-wide growth.
BitPay launches mass crypto payments for businesses
BitPay Send allows businesses to issue mass crypto payments around the world without having to hold any crypto themselves.
DAO treasuries still down 40% after October's DeFi downtrend
The recent DeFi downturn has impacted the treasuries of decentralized autonomous organizations by 40% in a month.
Introducing BeefChain, a rancher-to-retail supply chain traceability solution using Cardano
BeefChain is a Wyoming-based traceability solution on a quest to track the origin of cattle and sheep using Cardano.
Uniswap farming ends this week, potentially freeing up $1.1B ETH
The world's largest decentralized exchange, Uniswap, has just conducted its first community call primarily to discuss which direction to take when UNI farming concludes on November 17.
Impending CME gap close could propel Bitcoin price to $18,000
Within the last hour Bitcoin price surged through the $16,200 level to secure a new 2020 high at $16,473.
Is this the top? CNBC tips five months of Bitcoin upside
"This is the death knell of Bitcoin. It was fun whilst it lasted. $3K here we come."
Your car insurance salesman is now an AI bot connected to blockchain
Malta-based virtual assistant firm Vaiot has integrated IBM's Watson Assistant with the Cosmos blockchain to sell car insurance.
Tezos upgrade reduces smart contract fees by 75% to attract DeFi
Tezos is seeking to attract DeFi developers, implementing a protocol upgrade that reduces smart contract gas fees by roughly 75%. 208 Total views.
Akropolis DeFi protocol 'paused' as hackers get away with $2M in DAI
Blockchain records show the hackers got away with more than $2,051,159 in DAI before moving the funds to a different address.
$1 billion worth of Ethereum is about to be released into the DeFi market
In a few days' time, on Nov. 17, Uniswap's first yield farming opportunity will end.
Before Congress, federal regulators dispute US pace on national digital currency
Amid a global race toward central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, the United States needs to focus on the private sector, says Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks.
Bitcoin whale sell-off could capsize BTC's voyage above $16,200
Bitcoin has been shown resilience above $16,000, which has historically been a pivotal reversal point.
The crypto fund that has been shorting Chainlink since $5 has returned
Months ago, a Twitter account called "Zeus Capital" was registered, along with a respective web page.
EU will decide on digital euro in January 2021: ECB president
"At that point in time we will make the decision as to whether or not we go forward with the digital euro."
Bitcoin price surge to $16.2K accompanied by record volume
Bitcoin has had a great November so far and many analysts believe the future remains bright for the top-ranked cryptocurrency.
Digital Currency Group IPO could easily fetch $4 billion, says Messari
What would an initial public offering for Digital Currency Group, or DCG, look like? Analysts at digital analytics firm Messari believe they have the answer.
Macro factors could bring Bitcoin to $1 trillion market cap, strategic investor say
Strategic investor Lyn Alden says 2020 macroeconomic environment is extremely favourable to Bitcoin.
Bitcoin-friendly US regulator slammed for focusing "too much" on crypto
A US lawmaker famous among crypto circles for his forward-thinking stance on the addition of digital currencies in the broader economy was "Blasted" by regulators on Wednesday for focusing "Too much" on the niche market, as per a press release.
PayPal's crypto trading goes live in the US
Customers will be able to trade up to $20,000 a week, rather than the originally announced $10,000.
Tezos "Delphi" upgrade goes live with faster transactions and lower fees
The fourth upgrade to the Tezos network went live earlier today at block 1,212,417, as per a tweet by its foundation and code maintainer.
Russia's proposed crypto amendments have a major blind spot
The Ministry of Finance is proposing harsh prison sentences for crypto holders, but what about shadow exchanges and darknet criminals?
Can Bitcoin price conquer $16,000 as 'extreme greed' grips market?
The weekly chart for Bitcoin shows an apparent resistance zone in the $16,000 region.
Binance.US adds North Carolina, now services more than 80% of US
Eligible residents of North Carolina can now register to use the Binance.